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Say good bye to inaccurate price setting.

Do you also find price setting complicated and time consuming?

If Yes then we have the solution for you!

Let us tell you how we turn isolated insignificant data points into a powerful Ai driven price management tool.

Say goodbye to inaccurate guessing or static pricing and welcome to dynamic and accurate Ai predictions.




Taking control of the data


Connecting the dots


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Luna AI follows the first steps of its user specific algorithm and extracts two types of data. Internal historic user data and freely accessible public data from the internet cloud. 

Data that will be the foundation of the analysis in step 2.

Luna AI follows the next phase of its assigned algorithm and digs into the vast jungle of harvested data from step 1. We identify patterns & trends that will be the  foundation of the optimization in step 3.

Also known as Big Data Analysis.

As result of the Big Data analysis in step 2, Luna AI now takes on the last step of its algorithm and delivers an optimal price setting proposal.


Our AI will train itself through machine learning and constantly develop an even better version of itself. 

This is where we release the true potential of your hotel and bring up the numbers.

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    • 2 competitors
    • 2 weeks forecast
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    Valid for 12 months
    • 10 competitors
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    • Individual room pricing
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    Valid for 12 months
    • Unlimited compatitors
    • 12 months forecast
    • Individual room pricing
    • Price optimization tool

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Our CEO, Max Biocca, planted the first seed in our story as he worked with revenue management at his family hotel in Rome. When realizing the need of digital assistance in order to handle all the variables that affects the demand of hotel rooms he founded SoliDPS. Our product, Luna AI, is the result and the solution for small and medium enterprises in their pursuit of increased revenue. 


Our vision is to, in a not too distant future, have our AI serve hotel professionals all around the world and to have a portfolio of features that will lead to better numbers and a more sustainable tourism. 


Our quirky, smart, interdisciplinary team of data scientists, engineers, machine learning experts, designers, mathematicians and UX specialists have researched, calculated, coded, designed and built this front line AI, Luna, to reduce time wasting and inaccuracy within the hospitality business.